Plexop is a unique and powerful technology solution for direct marketing.
It’s a solution that combines a performance-based Campaign Optimization system, an integrated Lead Management system, and a Retention system.

Plexop has a unique approach toward campaign optimization that allows advertisers to optimize based on real value/performance rather than merely optimizing costs.

Plexop platform Plexop platform Plexop platform
Plan Execute Optimize

Your job is to get the right ad to the right person at the right time.

Sounds simple...but it’s no easy task to sift through your endless choices for messaging, media, and publisher demographics.
Smart Planning on the Plexop platform brings your historic performance data, publisher proposals, budget parameters, and historical costs into one powerful, centralized interface so you can make smarter, better performing media buys at a lower cost and eliminate inefficiencies in the planning and buying process.

Plan Execute Optimize

Using Plexop, advertisers can serve ads with thousands of certified publishers globally and reach hundreds of millions of unique users.

Our solutions are delivered through a proven technology infrastructure that allows delivery of digital media advertising campaigns of any size. Our integrated Lead Management and Retention solutions let advertisers streamline their selling process and maximize their performance.

Plexop is a complete solution. If you have been struggling with complex, lengthy, integration and data cleansing projects, just to get marginally useful data that takes too long to receive in useful form, it’s time to try Plexop. Plexop users are able to make marketing and selling decisions based on all available data in a complete, integrated, powerful solution.

Plan Execute Optimize

Heavily data-driven, the Plexop platform constantly analyzes and improves campaign performance.

Plexop Analytics are designed to be truly actionable with the ability to identify, track, and report complex user interactions. Users can interpret performance data at a glance, act on the data immediately, and make sure that cross-channel campaigns are always relevant and impactful.

Planning, executing, optimizing – these are crucial tasks in managing ad campaigns. Plexop brings it all together in one powerful and intuitive system so that you can start focusing on real value and performance in your advertising campaigns.

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